Edition: The 3rd edition since 2016
Date: 30 Dec 2017 - 1 Jan 2018
Temperature:15.9℃ - 22.6℃
Relatively Humidity:51%-83%

UTMT 162km
TTF 115km
YTF 50km

Statistic of Ultra-Trail® Tai Mo Shan 2017-18
Total registration number: 1,111
Total check-in number on race days: 936
Total number of finishers: 700
Finisher percentage: 74%
Ratio of male to female runners: 3:1 (Male:851 vs Female:260)
Number of Countries: 24 countries
Number of volunteers: 600

Title sponsor: i-eXe

Other sponsors:

Blue Mountian Sports
安活行 Anward Co.

Gediminas Grinus

Marie Mcnaughton

Chow Ching

Overall Review - New Course Record for UTMT, TTF & YTF

The registration number of UTMT runners are more or less the same as that of last year, is only slightly decrease in YTF 50km and a bit increase in TTF 115km.

The weather of this year is quite warm and sunny in day time (15.9℃ - 22.6℃), may be too hot in noon for European runners who experience freezing condition in this moment, generally, the weather is good for ultra running.

There is significant increase in the number of runners from Japan this year, as UTMT is introduced by one of the popular Japanese Trail Running Magazine written by Hiroaki Matsunaga and there are cancellation of some races in Japan due to bad weather, so many Japanese came to Hong Kong joining UTMT in the end of 2017 and start of 2018.

We also have more runners from our neighbour Asian countries including Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand; also have some runners from unfamiliar countries such as Afghanistan, Croatia.

Superfit Team from Singapore

Good news that we have new course record for all three events this year!

New Course Record of Ultra-Trail® Tai Mo Shan


Previous Record

New Record of 2017-18

UTMT 162km

20 hour 04 min by Gediminas Grinus (2016-17)

18 hour 48 min by Gediminas Grinus

TTF 115km

15 hour 53 min by 李強(2016)

15 hour 21 min by Marie Mcnaughton

YTF 50km

6 hour 13 min by Wong Ho Chung (2016)

6 hour 04 min by Chou Ching

Hong Kong style Food at check points

Same as last year, various types of food are served in different checkpoints, most impressive is the signature roast goose rice noodle at Sham Tseng check point and fresh milk in Farm Milk check point, those UTMT 162km and TTF 115km runners, especially those overseas runners, could enjoy those Hong Kong style food.

We also have fried rice, fried noodles and HK-styled snacks including clayed-pot puddings, steamed dumplings, tea-flavored egg, etc.

Thanks to all helping out UTMT

UTMT won’ t be succeeded without the involvement of the volunteers at different check points, sub-check points as well on the race course.

UTMT SP supporting by i-Runners酷跑族 & Walkermix
UTMT SP(Baggage / Venue): 眾樂行
Cp1 supporting by Sze Sir & Classmates
CP2 supporting by Walkermix
Cp3 supporting by Pro Running Club
Cp4 supporting by Crazy Runners Teammates
Cp5 supporting by IRIS
CP6 Supporting by 開心義工隊
CP7 Supporting by YO’S AND FRIENDS
CP8 supporting Tuen Mun Runners屯門愛跑之友 & 健康跑步社
Cp9 supporting by 師P奶 & 齊心義工隊
Cp10 supporting by Accept Exceptional & SSP街坊小隊 & TKO RRC將軍澳紅走會
Cp11 supporting by ChiRunning Hong Kong
TTF / YTF SP supporting by i-Runners酷跑族
FP supporting by Life Runners耐走舍 & 眾樂行

Scp1 Supporting by Kimmy and Friend
Scp2 Supporting by MOS Spider
Scp3 Supporting by 港人港Hike
Scp4 Supporting by Running Man Athletic Club
Scp5 Supporting by KamMo and Friend
Scp6 Supporting by BMS Trail Running Class & Hang Hang Hiking Club
Scp7 Supporting by SW & VL Group
Scp8 Supporting by Running Biji運動筆記
Scp9 Supporting by YLDRC元朗長跑會
Scp10 Supporting by 曼琪& Friend
Scp11 Supporting by 跑埔友
Scp12 Supporting by Pig Chan and Friend & Joyful Clan

UTMT 162km

Date: 30 Dec 2017
Start Time: 8am
Total Climb: 9,032 m
Time Limit : 42 Hours
Registration number: 292
Check-in number on race day: 262
Total number of finishers: 156
Finisher percentage: 53%

Ultra running race is more and more popular in Hong Kong and around Asia, we have nearly 300 runners registered for the race, finally 262 runners showed up at Fo Tan start point.

Last year champion and record holder Gediminas Grinus from Lithuania came back again to defend his title, he is pretty confidence to UTMT this year though he was badly affected by sport hernia in 2017, but Gedi built up confidence again after breaking the course record of Cappadocia Ultra Trail (TURKEY) 110km in end of October.

Another invited elite runner from France ~ Romain Olivier who is in good shape this year ran side by side with Gedi in first 50km of the race as he is not familiar with the course and wanna keep the pacing with Gedi; After CP4, Gedi left the check point first and distance between them start to farther apart, Romain said the weather is too hot in the afternoon, “it is now freezing and snowing in France, here is just too hot and quite difficult to adapt to it.” Also, he is also affected by jet lag as he arrived only 2 days before the race .

As the course covers with some village and town with many junctions around the area, foreign runners felt lost when they ran into the town and village area. Luckily, we have front runners helping out to check the markings which is very important to runners especially those foreign runners.

Finally, Gediminas broke his own record by 1 hour 16 min and set the new course record of this hard race in 18 hour 48 min; Romain Olivier, though knowing he could not catch up with Gediminas in the final stage of the race, he is fast enough to break last year’ s record and finishing in 19 hour 31 min. The third men crossing finishing line is Noriaki Yokouchi from Japan Skyrunning Team, this is also his third year joining UTMT; Local runner, Cheng Hoi Wah from Team Walkermix is the forth men overall.

In women’ race, last year’ s champion Switzerland’ s Andrea Huser came back again with confidence for the race, though she was badly suffered from jet lag, Andrea still looked good at start line in morning. Unfortunately, she was get lost during the race, and could not break her own women record last year, finishing at 26 hour 10 min, 9 minutes slower than her last year record.

Wenfei Xie from China came the second in 28 hour 30 minutes. The third, forth and fifth ladies, Chan Lap Yee, Leung Kiu Hong and Liu Chui Shan respectively, are from Hong Kong.

Finally, 156 runners in UTMT crossing the finish line with happy faces.

Gediminas Grinus and Romain Olivier

Romain Olivier

Noriaki Yokouchi

Andrea Huser

Front runner

Front runner

TTF 115km

Date: 30 Dec 2017
Start Time: 4pm
Total Climb: 5,382 m
Time Limit : 34 Hours
Registration number: 296
Check-in number on race day: 261
Total number of finishers: 197
Finisher percentage: 67%

The spotlight of TTF 115km is on Queen of Hong Kong Trails Marie Mcnaughton this year, it was her second year joining TTF 115km, she was last year overall 2nd place, only 5 minutes behind the invited elite runner Sondre Amdahl and finishing in 16 hour 20 min.

This year, Marie not only in good shape but also fully confidence to ultra race, she decided to participate TTF 115km though it was just after her TNF 100 in early December, but Marie showed how brilliant she was in the race, 32 minutes faster than 2016’ s course record (15 hour 53 min) and 59 mins faster than her last year’ s time, so impressive that she finished 115km in 15 hour 21 minute.

Marie was followed by Bogdan Onyschenko, the first men finished the race in 16 hour 06 minute, while the second men Lam Shing Yip is 1 minute faster than the third men Cheung Tsang Fuk they crossed the finish line in 17 hour 50 min and 17 hour 50 min respectively. Rouisa Tse is the second women in 20 hour 10 min while Ng Kwan Yee is the third in 20 hour 57 min.

Finally, 197 TTF runners completed the 115km course, only 64 runners quit on the way due to different reasons.

Marie Mcnaughton and Lam Shing Yip

YTF 50km

Date: 31 Dec 2017
Start Time: 9am
Total Climb: 3,650m
Time Limit : 17 Hours
Registration number: 523
Check-in number on race day: 441
Total number of finishers: 346
Finisher percentage: 66%

The competition of YTF 50km is fierce in both Men and Women races. In men’ s race, last year champion Max Lau Kam Yuen participated again to defend his title while both Taiwan’ s Chou Ching and Japan’ s Hiroaki Matsunaga also came back this year again to compete with Max Lau. Finally, Chou Ching broke the record made by Hong Kong’ s Wong Ho Chung by 9 minutes, finished in 6 hour 4 minute only; while Hiroaki Matsunaga is 11 minutes behind Chow Ching and finished in 6 hour 15 minute;Max Lau, badly affected by fever before the race, finished in 6 hour 28 minute. Apart from the top 3, local runners including Kevin Cheung, Lee Kong To, Chan Chun Kit and Ng Wei Hei and Franck Manivoz from France also ran side by side and compete fiercely all the way on the trails.

In women’ s category, invited Kiwi runner Fiona Hayvice faced pressure made by good local runner Flora Ching on the first half of race course, it is not bad thing to face pressure from one another, both Fiona Hayvice and Flora Ching broke the previous women YTF’ s record, Fiona Hayvice finished in 7 hour 32 minute while Flora Ching came second finishing in 7 hour 55 minute.

Finally, there are 346 runners finished the YTF 50km.

Chow Ching at CP1

Hiroaki Matsunaga

Max Lau

Fiona Hayvice and Flora Ching