What a great news of Ultra-Trail® Tai Mo Shan 2017-18! UTMT 162km, TTF 115km and YTF 50km have new course records.

Last year’ s champion of UTMT 2016-17 Gediminas Grinius breaks his own record of last year by 1 hour 16 min, finishing 162km in 18 hours 48 mins; Romain Olivier, the second one crossing the finish line, pushed Gediminas in the first 50 km until CP4, also breaks last year record and finishing in 19 hours 31 mins though he suffered from jet lag as arriving Hong Kong 2 days before the race.

Queen of Hong Kong Trails Marie Mcnaughton sets the new course record of TTF 115km in 15 hours 21 mins, she has much experience of HK trails while living in this small but big city for years, brilliant performance of Marie as she also breaks her last year’ s record by 59 mins, of course she is the overall champion of TTF 115km.

Chow Ching also has great performance in YTF 50km by breaking the course record made by Wong Ho Chung in 2016, only spending 6 hours 4 mins in this tough 50km, while Fiona Hayvice from New Zealand also breaks the women record of YTF 50km finishing in 7 hours 32 mins.